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Oct 4th 2011 Topic of Conversation:  2011 SQUAMISH MUICIPAL ELECTION!  Nominators convinced me to submit nomination papers!  Done Oct. 5th 2011!

It has been amazing to be in this time and place for the 2011 Election.  The Federation of Canadian Municipalities presented a TWO DAY WORKSHOP for Women! 

Increasing Women’s Participation in Municipal Government September 24 and 25, 2011 – 9:00 – 5:00 The upcoming “Increasing Women’s Participation in Municipal Government” workshop is valuable to those who are interested in running in an upcoming municipal election, and if you will support a candidate, or if you do a lot of public speaking and are in need of media training!

 October 5th, Bianca Peters led an info session for candidates. 

Social Media Seminar for Candidates  Squamish Adventure Centre. 7:00 pm.Join the Squamish Chamber of Commerce, bp communications, My and for a FREE Social Media Seminar with information to help you maximize your online campaign. For more information or to get involved email

 TONIGHT, OCT 6th there is an Info session for Candidates. 

2011 Local Government Election Council Candidate Orientation Council Chambers, 2nd Avenue.  Questions about running for Office or Local Government? Attend the 2011 Local Government Election Council Candidate Orientation. File nomination papers with the Chief Election Officer during the period starting9:00 amOctober 4 to4:00 pmOctober 14, 2011. Nomination forms are available at Municipal Hall.

 It is busy and will be till the ElectionNov. 19th 2011.

I am enjoying meeting with everyone and talking politics!  Social Media is one fun part where we are as Bianca says “PIONEERS”. THIS IS ELECTION 9 for me.  It has been a great learning experience over the last 30 years.  I know Now that it is the Squamish Estuary that is the Love of My Life. 

 Our Survival depends on protecting the Squamish Estuary.  The Squamish Estuary is not a parking lot for boats.  The Squamish Estuary is a Nursery.  The Squamish Estuary is an example to us of how to survive.  There is always light shining thru the tree branches.  There are always Skyviews. 

 Squamish was developed by many Veterans who were employed by the polluting industries here.  Their homes, bought with Veterans Land Act funding are on .5 acres double lots with gardens and fruit trees.  Squamish had few buildings of more than 3 storeys covering only a few lots each.  Squamish Council can now make a change to preserve those self-sustaining homes and keep the Squamish Estuary free of further intrusion from Transportation Networks.  Simply Elect a Squamish Council in 2011 to direct the Planning Department to find ways to survive and to build safely.

 I am in this 9th Election in this time when planetary survival depends on our ability to build away from our food source, out of the path of the River.  Our needs are simple:  food and water, all dependent on light, on Skyviews!  Elect Me!  Deb McBride, Vote Deb McBride for Skyviews!  See clearly North to Garibaldi, South to the Sound, East to the Squamish Chief, West to theSquamishRiver, theTantalusRangeand The Eagle Reserve lands.  Rivers filled with Salmon and Skies filled with Eagles will ensure that we have food and tourism!  With Skyviews we have Scenery for the Film Industry!  By Preserving and Protecting we ensure our survival, help to feed the world and build a new economy. 

In the 30 years in which I have been educating myself to meet the demands of political life in Squamish I have not seen successful planning by the D O Squamish.  It is time for those now in Squamish to Elect a Squamish Council able to build a new economy from the abundance of opportunity here.  Then the buses will run!  Keeping the buses  will keep people working together here in a food industry or film or other new industry or continuing their work outside Squamish, safely.

For those 30 years and more Squamish Councils have catered to businesses that are gone with their profits, leaving behind pollution and unemployment.  Now high density housing development and the waterfront plans require amendments to the OCP and the Transportation Network thru more of the Squamish Estuary.  All these decades of OCP plans and amendments to cater to destructiveness.  The Kill It and Fill It Plans.

A Squamish Council needs to be elected to amend the OCP to protect the Squamish Estuary in its’ entirety.  Squamish Council needs to act as if Squamish were ruled as a National Park.  In this simplistic state there is employment and funding available.  The funding is for the infinite number of research and restoration projects planned for the Squamish Estuary in the Squamish Estuary Management Plan Work Books.  This employment would be for laborers and those with much higher educations.  The universities in Squamish would be involved as instruction and research.  Graduates would be able to continue to live and work in Squamish.  The Squamish Estuary is our survival.

 Now is the time to Elect Squamish Council Members with survival as their priority!  Contact me by email  or my phone 604 815 4395.  Thanks for Your Interest! 


Deb McBride



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