2011 Squamish Municipal Election Chamber of Commerce All Candidates Meeting

Interesting to remember the questions from the audience.  I was preparing some answers for closing and there was no closing.  This year the meeting really was from 6pm till just after 9.  Amazing organization of 23 candidates for Council!  2 rows on stage and candidates taking turns in the front row added a light atmosphere to the meeting.  Lots of cooperation!  Congratulations to all the organizers and their organizations!  Quite a time to be in Squamish, BC with Denise Imbeau, David Burke, Ana Santos, Bianca Peters, Dale Harry and Alice Guss, Elliott Moses. (apologies for names misspelled). 

3 subjects I will address here are:  food production, the commuter bus and the Mamquam Blind Channel.   

Food production is possible in quantity as greenhouses are allowed in many areas according to the zoning of the Business Park and the Mamquam Rd. area. 

The commuter bus was transportation to 300 people working in Whistler area.  Recently Greyhound was the company to take over the route.  This is an opportunity to address the many stops that have been dropped or reduced to a flag for travellers.  It is most important to utilize mass transit and keep people working!

The Mamquam Blind Channel is an important part of the Squamish Estuary and should be protected.  the Upper Mamquam Blind Channel is one of the last areas still to be disignated in the Squamish Estuary Management Plan.  An estuary is not a parking lot for boats.  Extending the Nexon Lands with 9 acres of fill is to reach the deep water levels opposite the Squamish Terminals.  The park is to park cruise ships.  The dredging is into mercury deposits where the estuary should be cleansed and restored.    Only Mother Nature has filled what was dredged and buried what is poison.  The Estuary is our survival. 

My logo 4 skyviews was brought about precisely because of the views that will be lost if 1500 units are built from the Nexon Lands to the bridge on hwy 99. 

More people more cars more pollution and the creation of another modern ghost town, another failed project on another flood plain. 

Hi Everyone, I’m Deb McBride 


Thank you for your interest in the Election


I‘ve educated myself to be in this election

to enable a change of plan

to a plan for survival. 

That’s my part.

Your part’s to Vote.


My Logo’s 4 skyviews 

4skyviews on WordPress.com


4 skyviews represents a plan

where we see in all directions. 

With 4 sky views

our light and our views

are not blocked,

by blocks of tall buildings.







Squamish started in a self-sustaining way, with

double lots, gardens, fruit trees and light from 4 sky views.


To compliment this garden lifestyle, the OCP needs to protect groves of precious trees and estuary. 


A garden community needs a New Plan for Survival.

Protecting the entire estuary ensures

a self-sustaining economy.


The world watches as we control

the resources for planetary survival. 

Our Squamish must be cleansed and restored.   












Tourists in Squamish see light, scenery, 4 sky views. 

We can enhance this experience and employ local people of all skill levels including grads of our universities BY: 

  • Re-establishing the Environmental

Co-ordinator and projects that

research and restore

the estuary and watershed


  • Enhancing Recreation Areas


  • Accommodating Retirees


  • Producing food in greenhouses and in the estuary


  • Ensuring the Film Industry the scenery it needs, long term.







To maintain services and gain on the debt we need to stop borrowing and to start Zero Budgeting.  Then we can:

  • Improve transit and Regain the commuter bus to keep people working


  • Make the Budgets’ First Priority the Full funding of grants in aid, from last years requests, to help people survive


  • Provide a bus ride and the Rec Centre Auditorium for Food Bank Recipients


  • Provide the campground at the Rec Centre for those who live outdoors


  • Add more campgrounds to help visitors stay longer


  • Survive with solar and other safe alternative Energy sources


The OCP must be a plan for survival. 

With a protected estuary and a self-sustaining population our survival is possible.


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