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NO TO WLNG Must be the biggest issue because not all candidates know their position on it.

In the 10 municipal elections I have entered it is the only issue to have a protest march to protect the estuary and Howe Sound from WLNG, Fortis BC pipeline from the compressor station through the estuary to tankers for export.

What is fracked at one end and spilling at the other has no place on the planet.

Long time issues for me each election and in the forefront in 2014 are:

  • The estuary is also being threatened by the 7th Ave. Connector and the concept of using it as a dike.
  • No road and double-track through the estuary should go to one business, the Squamish Terminal.
  • No estuary is a parking lot for boats and I oppose the Squamish Oceanfront Development marina.
  • No…

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