For Squamish Off-Road Cycle Assoc. meet with outdoor recreation groups

So Right! Eco-Tourism success in Squamish gives us a healthy environment and jobs. As an event promoting volunteer it became obvious to me that Squamish is the fun capital! We’ve got whales!

Our estuary without federally funded dredging and with help from local groups is being restored.

I say NO to WLNG, Fortis BC and tankers.

Our challenge: to make eco-tourism viable year-round.

Squamish eco-tourism based on free environmental assets requires a broad range of jobs, transportation and accommodation solutions, added daycare and a well-funded emergency network.

For the thousands of visitors we need:

  • Year round campgrounds that allow for trailers and long term stays. Present campground zonings must remain and more need to be added to protect our pristine waterways in our easily accessible forests.   A tree-protection bylaw is a necessity.   Mature trees are beautiful life-giving jewels.
  • Transportation solutions must include more passenger train options, a commuter bus and full schedules daily for local buses and the handi-dart.
  • Drop-in daycares would allow parents to play too.
  • Our ever-present emergency crews need more funding and quicker access to medi-vac helicopters.

Summer events with amazing world-class competitions and music drew thousands of folks who would be quite happy to have fun in Squamish year-round. Our challenge is to make eco-tourism viable year round.


DOS STAFF and Council should say what I say!


and:  From Ted Prior via Facebook SS

This goes to Council Nov. 4
That Council approve the following resolutions:
THAT Council authorize Development Permit No. 370 issued to FortisBC Energy Inc. for the propertiesAND THAT the Mayor and General Manager of Corporate Services be authorized to execute the
Development Permit.
1. Purpose:
This report presents Development Permit No. 370 (Attachment 1) for Council consideration to
allow for the proposed geotechnical borehole investigation located in the Squamish River
Estuary. one thing on the agrnda for 6 oclock


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to Gagandeep at Squamish Reporter, the 500

Few know who brought me back to the Council Chambers podium after deciding that the elected council should deal with voters complaints.

Kelsey, the Shaw Cable TV camerman, editor and know it all behind the scenes of

all council meetings.

Hearing my discontent with council, Kelsey told me a story. One person spoke up, influenced one council member and made a difference.

Almost election time anyway so enough with the time out, back to politics.

The Equestrian Community was at the finishing line of a two-year project for approval from council to build new barns. It was an opportunity to make a little speech in support and I ended when all laughed at my saying “ they really do need a new barn”. One person consulted with me as to the wisdom of speaking up, and did great!   Council even passed 3rd Reading after the Public Hearing! Full circle! Thanks to Kelsey!

The Official Community Plan was initiated in the early 1980’s after a community survey, which established a greenway along the Mamquam Blind Channel! I began telling everybody at the meetings that we needed to protect the Squamish Estuary. Another story comes from this time of the request to relocate the log sort in the central estuary because the owner did not want to harm the estuary. This week, in 2014, this is being accomplished! I was a part of it by sheer persistence and insistence that space be made available for the move. It didn’t matter that the Public Involvement Work Group to the Squamish Estuary Management Plan had been dissolved in 1982/3 or that it was 1999. The new site is owned by Squamish First Nations, so the future there will be interesting, considering the forest management now taken on by Squamish First Nations.

Squamish, is a town of old timers and new comers. What guides Council to zone the Mamquam Blind Channel for tall buildings and industry?   Luckily, the economy and lack of federal dredging funds has given new eco-tourism businesses and the estuary a chance to show how extraordinary and valuable is Squamish Estuary BC.

Giants of the bird and whale varieties have become common as pollution is diluted and buried by Mother Nature. Migrating birds have tried to resume their territorial stances. Squamish Council has other plans, especially for one of the last SEMP Planning Areas, the Upper Mamquam Blind Channel.

The Public Hearing process on Kingswood and the conditions to 3rd Reading are passing quickly.   What a horror for the birds and the people living in little houses there and those who will be having traffic accidents as they enter or try to exit Squamish, BC. And just when the highway was not so often called Killer.

Now! In comes the long awaited and much dreaded tanker, LNG, pipeline Fortis BC plan. Need some tree huggers on Council to say NO to WLNG, the Tankers and FORTIS BC!

One would be me, Deb McBride, with decades of experience opposing government plans for destruction.

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10 on the BALLOT


No Woodfibre LNG protesters group photo Squamish City Hall 2014-07-15 19.54.42-1 web (1)

I have been defending the estuary for more than 30 years and now in my 9th election.  I opposed the Industrial zoning for what was a forest in the early ’80’s and is now an industrial site for a monster compressor on 12 acres soon to be owned by Fortis BC to put a pipeline through the Squamish Estuary after first clearing three:  30 X 30 metre areas which will be both disruptive and eliminate food and shelter supplies for the wild in the Squamish Estuary Wildlife Management Area.  I am a founding member/director of the original Squamish Estuary Conservation Society in the 1980’s and have battled on the Squamish Estuary Management Public Involvement Work Group for decades after it was eliminated by government.  Present Council has ignored the Squamish Estuary Management Plan process of having a separate review of environmental impact by projects on and bordering the Squamish Estuary such as Fortis BC holes/clearings and KINGSWOOD.  KINGSWOOD borders the last of 2 Planning Assessment Areas in the Squamish Estuary Management Plan.  Other societies on which I was a founding member and or director in the 19i80’s are doing great:  Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Sea to Sky Community Services Society, Howe Sound Women’s Centre. Mountain FM benefited when I volunteered to take minutes of Council meetings for Mountain Monitor, the weekly interview with the Mayor, also the Brackendale Art Gallery from my PR work, cooking and cleaning, the Newport Gallery as PR person, the Sea to Sky FreeNet Society as computer tutor and since 2008, the Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association has me work in PR, event photography and office work. Lots of networking to improve communication in Squamish.  I have opposed Squamish Council constantly over more than 3 decades regarding the estuary, tall buildings, retaining a buffer forest along the highway at the Industrial/Business “Park”, etc…  My stand has always been for Jobs in non-polluting industry like the film industry and “saving the scenery” would help that, also putting it in the BC Rail Yard.   The BC Rail Yard was to be a Vocational Training Centre which would have helped with the transition when the economy tanked and so did industry here.  Transportation re:  a commuter bus and full schedules daily for buses and the handi-dart are necessities.   Daycare is needed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to allow parents to work and enjoy living here.  An Emergency Network is extremely important as Squamish Council insists on building in this flood plain even though killing filling and diking an estuary doesn’t work ANYWHERE!  Then there’s alternate energy sources.  I don’t believe Squamish is short on Wind!!  Besides isn’t that why the power is stored?  Germany will be supplying Europe soon with all the alternative energy sources it is tapping and has stored.  NOW after knowing about the tankers for over 30 years it is all here!  After having alternatives to burning fossil fuels for decades, we are forced to fight Woodfibre LNG.  One spill and our water supply is polluted.  it is more than WLNG It is Global Corporations and it is Christie Clarke and those who vote for jobs at any cost and believe there will be any advantage when slimy things do crawl with legs upon a slimy sea…  water is life, gather at the river, protect the river, give thanks for the river of life

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I am Wondering…

Is it true that the majority don’t vote because they like the OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN and Squamish Council?

In elections since the early 80”s

I have opposed the

OCP transportation network through the estuary.

Truck routes are blocked throughout the OCP

except the one to service one business,

the Squamish Terminal.

An estuary is not a parking lot for boats.


I oppose that route for a road and double tracking through the central estuary.

I oppose the Fortis BC Pipeline.

For over 30 years I have opposed OCP amendments

that are constantly being adopted by Squamish Council, amendments that do not favour the estuary or the long-suffering taxpayers.

The taxpayers should at least have:

  • snow cleared off sidewalks
  • a commuter bus
  • buses and handi darts on a full schedule daily
  • and safe transportation routes

With 3 storey buildings:   Everyone enjoyed the views Without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for an apartment or a business with a VIEW.



The OCP now allows for

  • more tall buildings in this flood plain
  • on the waterfront
  • till our population is more than double.
  • NOW We BORROW to Pay for Infrastructure.

The tides are rising in this earthquake zone.  


Japans’ 30-foot dike didn’t stop the 30-foot wave.

The preceding earthquake had lowered the ground level a few feet.


Filling and diking are not a solution.

An estuary is a recreational wonderland.

Disney would have locked it off and charged admission!





313 voters gave me their trust last election.  

When I speak in opposition to Squamish Council

I know 313 voters are with me

and so does Council.

More votes for me would give us a vote

ON Squamish Council

to get an Official Community Plan

that Solves Problems.

Not one that creates them.


Those who vote for me trust me,

Debra McBride,

to represent their vote

ON Squamish Council.

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Thanks to 313 Voters, For Me

313 Voters gave me their trust last election.

When I speak in opposition to Squamish Council I know 313 Voters are with me,

and so does Council.

More votes for me would give us a Vote on Squamish Council.

We need an Official Community Plan that solves problems, not one that creates them.

I am in the 2014 Election to show Squamish Council how many voters want a new plan.

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My purpose: To Feed The World
My family farm experience is a source of strength and guidance for me.  The family pulp and paper mill workers provided an early view of industrial destruction of our life giving planet, earth.  As a teenager I enjoyed life in Victoria BC and was mentored by the founders of the health food industry at Viteway Bakery.  My arrival in Squamish in 1977 with 4 dogs 3 cats and a sprouting business was received with interest.  By 1982 I was in the Municipal race for Mayor on the grounds that the estuary plans were destructive. This battle continues today so I am in this election in 2014 to promote Jobs; in non-polluting industry, Transportation; that will be enjoyable, convenient and accessible for workers and visitors, Daycare; to ensure workers and families get the help needed, and a Communication Network; to facilitate Emergency Planning for those in distress.
Our life giving scenery has provided me with work in the film industry.  Recently my interest in the health benefits of teas is now realized as I am an Independent Tea Consultant with Steeped Tea.  I have been most successful creating projects for myself to work on as a volunteer.
Mountain FM benefited from my note taking at D O S Council meetings, the Brackendale Art Gallery found me useful for cooking and cleaning, the Sea to Sky FreeNet Society eventually employed me for computer tutoring and since 2008 the Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association has kept me busy with networking and event photography.  Luckily I was able to attend the Academy of Learning and found I can attain an honours level in all subjects.
I find that people come to Squamish to have fun.  They might need to stay awhile, but have their home bases elsewhere. This allows us to provide temporary accommodation and spare the estuary and ourselves from a population impact for which we are not prepared.
In 30 years the estuary has been able to recover from pollution as many companies left town and left nature to cover and to recover the damaged areas.  We now have the most terrifying, close-up whale watching ever and of course the most delicate balance of life in this our nursery for nature.  Close encounters with wildlife inspire me while I persist in opposing Squamish Council and their plans for expansion which will steal our million dollar views and eliminate the growing businesses which rely on preserving the views, the estuary and our watershed.
To be effective is to have a vote when Squamish Council votes.  I am asking for your vote to elect me, Deb McBride to Squamish Council.  For decades I have witnessed the futility of gathering hundreds of people to oppose Official Community Plan Amendments at Public Hearings. At present I speak at Public Hearings and I represent over 313 voters.  It would be best to have enough voters trust me and elect me to Squamish Council to represent them when the decisions are made.
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    DSC00719-copy-1_edited       cherry                           2014                                                                            2012

lg 2008  2008


That’s the waterfront at Kingswood development which though opposed was granted 3rd reading with conditions…  Question is:  will the new Squamish Council rescind 3rd reading? or not pass 4th reading once the conditions are met?  Might be good to hold off on meeting those expensive conditions, EH?


Thinking about those ornamental cherry trees that were pampered for 40 years and found to be solid.  Now Stan Clarke Park has a playground that cost about 1/10th of the money spent and looks like a guinea pigs’ litter box.  If only Greg Garland had left sooner …

M 8 184

M 8 165

    M 1 097      DSC07523

Last view before Kingswood



image_neighbbig DSC05463


View of the Mamquam Blind Channel


Conclusion :-

After many weeks of talks with both Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans and B.C. Ministry of Environment on the problem, it would seem that revisiting the District of Squamish’s Dredging Protocol would be warranted.

Two items need to be added to this document to ensure the practical implication of this excellent document to ensure the health of people and diverse Ecosystem we have been blessed to have at our doorstep.

Core Sampling :- this is the only sampling technique that works to show the true Mercury hazard and should be adopted as the standard.

Criteria level :- A reasonable Criteria level has to be set.  0.84 is just way to high and provides no safety net at all.

I would ask that all dredging plans be put on hold until this matter is resolved.

John Buchanan

and on…  to Squamish Chief:  

2014  Debra McBride for Council

Long-time Squamish volunteer Deb McBride on Thursday (Oct. 14) said she planned to seek a seat on council, saying she’s disappointed with the district’s Official Community Plan. The year-old document shows the future transportation network running through Squamish’s estuary, she said.

This will be McBride’s ninth run for council. McBride has volunteered for the Howe Sound Women’s Centre, the Squamish Estuary Conservation Society, the Sea to Sky Community Services Society and the Squamish Estuary Management Plan Public Involvement Working Group.

In her last campaign, McBride voiced her opposition to development on the waterfront and any buildings downtown taller than three storeys. In her 2008 platform statement, McBride wrote that “council needs to be one of respecting the views of the long suffering, taxpaying Squamish homeowners and opposing the developments that are clear cutting and ruining the Sea to Sky views in Squamish.”






No Woodfibre LNG protesters group photo Squamish City Hall 2014-07-15 19.54.42-1 web (1)



05_30_07_estuary_john IMG

2008 Election and Me



Looking online
looking at the “development only” options at the meeting
there’s no place for the “no development” option…
The choices ranging from same; as the town of Squamish, density to more intense density with more height,
up to 12 storey buildings… 
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