1 Minute to begin the Chamber of Commerce All Candidates Meeting with Sea to Sky Community Services assistance and Quest U Students


Good evening, I am Debra McBride I am # 10 on the Ballot.

For over 30 years I have tried to oppose Squamish Councils.

The only time voters can effectively oppose is at the election polls.

If you elect me to Squamish Council I will know when to say “NO” for you.

Know that I have opposed the high-density housing sites including Kingswood and the old mill site, in this flood plain, our estuary.

A traffic disaster greets folks who come to Squamish to have fun.  

Imperative is a commuter bus from Whistler to Vancouver for out-of-town workers and visitors.

Locally, rider numbers justify full schedules daily on buses and handi darts.

 There’s NO justification for Woodfibre LNG

or the Fortis BC pipeline

from the noisy compressor,

through our estuary

or for the tankers to export the fracked.

No co-operation. No compromise.  

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