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No Woodfibre LNG protesters group photo Squamish City Hall 2014-07-15 19.54.42-1 web (1)

I have been defending the estuary for more than 30 years and now in my 9th election.  I opposed the Industrial zoning for what was a forest in the early ’80’s and is now an industrial site for a monster compressor on 12 acres soon to be owned by Fortis BC to put a pipeline through the Squamish Estuary after first clearing three:  30 X 30 metre areas which will be both disruptive and eliminate food and shelter supplies for the wild in the Squamish Estuary Wildlife Management Area.  I am a founding member/director of the original Squamish Estuary Conservation Society in the 1980’s and have battled on the Squamish Estuary Management Public Involvement Work Group for decades after it was eliminated by government.  Present Council has ignored the Squamish Estuary Management Plan process of having a separate review of environmental impact by projects on and bordering the Squamish Estuary such as Fortis BC holes/clearings and KINGSWOOD.  KINGSWOOD borders the last of 2 Planning Assessment Areas in the Squamish Estuary Management Plan.  Other societies on which I was a founding member and or director in the 19i80’s are doing great:  Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Sea to Sky Community Services Society, Howe Sound Women’s Centre. Mountain FM benefited when I volunteered to take minutes of Council meetings for Mountain Monitor, the weekly interview with the Mayor, also the Brackendale Art Gallery from my PR work, cooking and cleaning, the Newport Gallery as PR person, the Sea to Sky FreeNet Society as computer tutor and since 2008, the Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association has me work in PR, event photography and office work. Lots of networking to improve communication in Squamish.  I have opposed Squamish Council constantly over more than 3 decades regarding the estuary, tall buildings, retaining a buffer forest along the highway at the Industrial/Business “Park”, etc…  My stand has always been for Jobs in non-polluting industry like the film industry and “saving the scenery” would help that, also putting it in the BC Rail Yard.   The BC Rail Yard was to be a Vocational Training Centre which would have helped with the transition when the economy tanked and so did industry here.  Transportation re:  a commuter bus and full schedules daily for buses and the handi-dart are necessities.   Daycare is needed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to allow parents to work and enjoy living here.  An Emergency Network is extremely important as Squamish Council insists on building in this flood plain even though killing filling and diking an estuary doesn’t work ANYWHERE!  Then there’s alternate energy sources.  I don’t believe Squamish is short on Wind!!  Besides isn’t that why the power is stored?  Germany will be supplying Europe soon with all the alternative energy sources it is tapping and has stored.  NOW after knowing about the tankers for over 30 years it is all here!  After having alternatives to burning fossil fuels for decades, we are forced to fight Woodfibre LNG.  One spill and our water supply is polluted.  it is more than WLNG It is Global Corporations and it is Christie Clarke and those who vote for jobs at any cost and believe there will be any advantage when slimy things do crawl with legs upon a slimy sea…  water is life, gather at the river, protect the river, give thanks for the river of life

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