Sat. Oct 22 8pm Natural World Speaker Presentation

BRACKENDALE ART GALLERY, BRACKENDALE bc   8:00 PM  Leigh Joseph.  Tickets by donation.

Brackendale Art Gallery Theatre Teahouse
Thor & Dorte Froslev
41950 Government Rd. PO Box 100
Brackendale, B.C., Canada  V0N 1H0

Ph/Fax: 604 898 3333


Sat. Oct. 22 Natural World Speaker Presentation: 
8 pm, by donation
Leigh Joseph: Getting Back to Her Roots
MSc. Candidate – Ethnobotany | School of Environmental Studies,University of Victoria


Leigh’s Masters Studies at UVic center on the Northern Rice Root plant, a Native food source in times past, fritillaria camschatcensis, more commonly known as the Chocolate Lily and listed locally as a threatened species. Working with the Squamish Nation Education Dept. and the Squamish River Watershed Society, Leigh’s goal is to establish an experimental and educational garden on the side of the estuary owned and managed by the Squamish Nation as a learning centre and eventually to sustain a certain level of harvesting there.


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