WHEW…  I continue to walk into nominators so was able within 30 minutes to sign up for the SLRD ELECTION FOR SLRD DIRECTOR TOO!  Thank yous to my friends in Britannia Beach!  Thanks for remembering Me!

The undeveloped lands in Squamish and the SLRD are threatened constantly and need protection from careless development. 

The deep sea area is Watts Point and will be available for those who need to live next to their boat.  Certainly takes the pressure off the Squamsh Estuary which is not a parking lot for boats.  Dry Docks are best for parking boats.  Especially as the refurbishing processes and effluence discharges are toxic. 

The Squamish Estuary is only part of the watershed system and an SLRD Director has influence over the health of glaciers, rivers and waterfront! 

It is important to focus on non-polluting industry like the film industry and the milliions of dollars available for research and restoration of wildlife habitats.  It will be the development of the food industry that will make us self-sustaining and able to market globally. 

4 skyviews of the compass, encompass our survival.

Vote!  Help Elect Deb McBride 4 Skyviews!

 Yeah Sunny Days!

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