Dear Dana Marie 
The question from Thor Froslev:
I would like to ask the candidates their opinions and ideas regarding the Brackendale Farmers Institute Park Proposal.
The park has been home to the Brackendale Fall Fair for the past 8 of its 12 years.
In the early 1980s, a neighbourhood dad cleared and established the 3 main trails so that his young son could have a safe place to ride his dirt bike.  Since then the park has become a favourite with walkers, dogs and mountain bikers and is a part of the now famous Squamish Trail System.  One part of the BFI trails is a segment of the Old Pemberton Trail.
The BFI Park land is caught up in a larger chunk known as The Cheekye Fan.  For many years we were led to believe that this land was not suitable for housing development because of some cataclysmic geological probability which appears to have suddenly become a non-issue.  That being said, it is not a question of stopping development in or around Brackendale but rather a need to preserve this particular remnant of the natural world within that development.
The Response from Deb McBride
I am in favor of actively lobbying for Park Status the present Brackendale Fall Fair Grounds on behalf of the Brackendale Farmers Institute! 
My strategy is to initiate a Protected Areas Network Bylaw for Squamish as has been done in Whistler.
This would protect as public parks the areas that have been identified as desirable for public use and much more
as it relates to the trail networks in Squamish.  To start with:
  • The Brackendale Fall Fair Grounds
  • The extension of Stan Clarke Park to the Waterfront, which would require the owner to beautify the area at the least and ideally to allow the public to use it as a community garden for indigenous plants.
  • Nexon beach and the waterfront trails
    The waterfront trail and beach are a destination area for migratory birds and nature lovers.

  • and all that are known to be requested park areas and trails networks by the public. 
    Those Tree Huggers may save us yet if those hippies keep thinkin and fastin!

Non-motorized vehicle transportation routes must be a priority to link the parks and neighborhoods.
The District of Squamish maintains with staff and volunteers the parks. 
The Brackendale Fall Fair Grounds needs immediate protection and this priority must be realized by everyone involved in developing that area.  Neighborhood parks are a necessity and the fair grounds are established and popular with the present community of Squamish and abroad as it will be with those who move to the area.
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