I was greatly amused when I saw what I wrote on Squamish Online
"nothing undecided about me"
Makes for a good election issue
It will be sad if there is not an innovative Council elected with nature as its’ guide
I don’t know you Mr. William Boyd Godfrey
and what you wrote is as ambiguous
as asking a question without stating your thoughts on the subject
there is humour and amusement here where the stakes are high for my birds, fish and wildlife in the estuary whose life is entrusted to our good judgement
true humour comes from a happy event
not the unnecessary death of the planet

Subject: Re: Question for municipal candidates
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 09:16:55 -0800

I’ve always found that a good sense of humour is a strong indicator of the ability to think abstractly.
Those that are capable of abstract thought are often, very capable problem solvers as they are able to approach situations with non-linear thinking.
To think "outside the box" as the cliche goes.
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