Views Opposing Tall Buildings

As the residents of downtown including myself have their views opposing tall buildings ignored and are about to be walled-in, it is appropriate to ask the candidates for Squamish council what their views are on the subject of tall buildings and high-density housing. The Squamish Chief casts a longer shadow in the winter on downtown, and light appears at 10:00 and crosses the valley in 5.5 hours to disappear at 3:30. Not great for people, as we need sunshine! Tall buildings will decrease this greatly!
These tall buildings for high-density projects are spreading all over the valley. Eliminating wildlife habitat.
The property owners applying to Squamish Council for re-zoning assume the OCP will be amended to suit their needs. The residents are informed at information meetings, which are sometimes years before Council is aware of the project and First Reading. The OCP Amendment Public Hearing years after the information meeting is seldom attended and Council believes the planning dept. has addressed the concerns raised by the public opposing tall buildings and high density housing at the info meetings.
The area across the channel from Rose Park will be processed thru public consultation to weigh the possibilities, condo development vs. trails and recreation. Development may be delayed, not eliminated.
The waterfront of Squamish, downtown has more value than to be monopolized, paved and the views eliminated. Once done it cannot be undone except by nature and the ever-rising tide!
For me Squamish fits nicely into the trees with 2 or 3 storey homes on double lots with fruit trees and gardens. No one is king of the leaky condo, hogging the views. Every dog with a home has a lawn. The infrastructure can handle this slow growth.
What are the other candidate’s views, please, from their backyards, or is their neighborhood exempt from tall buildings for high-density housing?

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