Every trailer park dog has a lawn!

The trailer parks in Squamish are tastefully done, as Corrine Lonsdale said would be required of RedPoint owners. The footprint at RedPoint would require cutting down all the trees. It is important for Squamish Council to know that for RedPoint to have a KOA style trailer park the footprint would be clear cut and only the posts for electricity, water connection and sewer would be on each trailer site of bare ground. Landscaping would be concrete and shrubs with a patch of lawn and eventually fences and in a few decades some trees large enough for shade and environmental benefit. What stands there now is part of a semi circle of forest of extreme beauty and perfect habitat for the migratory birds. The forest is part of the estuary watershed. The estuary in the Upper Mamquam Blind Channel is not complete without the forest included for everyone to enjoy. These are the days when the trees are counted as blessings for absorbing all the C02 humans have created in overabundance. This is especially true as the highway fills with commuters and Squamish is overpopulated with scene stealing condominiums. The “new people” to Squamish have dogs. A trailer park for “new people” would allow people with dogs to use their own lawns to “exercise” their dogs. Trailer parks now consist of modular homes and wheeled trailers. Trailer parks offer “affordable housing”. Trailers can mean the difference between a bought home and a mortgaged overpriced box within a big box of boxes without any outdoor recreation area that has trees, gardens or lawn. Those in trailer parks have established themselves with great difficulty and expense in the much-flooded trailer parks in Squamish. They now have diking to help protect them when BC Hydro lets loose Daisy Lake Dam for their own purposes and the destruction of the Squamish Valley. These people have made an investment and must be protected from clear cutting development of their homes and the land they have beautified with trees now decades old, gardens, lawns. Trailer park neighbors are a cohesive group with an unofficial neighborhood watch, which connects the people there. The trailer parks in Squamish must be protected and valued as must be the homes on double lots with gardens and mature trees. They are built in co-existence with nature and are in-balance with the environment.

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