After the Chamber All Candidates meeting

  1. What qualifies you for this position? (ie: What titles have you held, experience, etc.)

         Candidates enter the election from different backgrounds and this gives a rounded perspective to discussions. 

Victoria is where I was raised and enjoyed many advantages. 

I left University to be self-employed and 30 years ago I was growing and marketing sprouts in Squamish and Whistler. 


I asked a lot of questions was what was on record after I spoke when Squamish Council held a public hearing on the original Official Community Plan in the early 80’s.


I asked more the next week at the rezoning Public Hearing for the Industrial Park which is now the business park.


I keep speaking at Public Hearings on points that are either not brought up by other people or, more usually, as the only speaker.


This has led to a lot of research and the need to gain computer skills, which I did at the Academy of Learning.  My website photos of Squamish Events, scenery and estuary birds are popular worldwide.


My work is relevant to politics.  The Hotspot, which is open in the evening, hired me as receptionist and computer tutor.


On film work for TV series I meet people who want to save our scenery and estuary. 





2) Briefly, what are the main issues that need to be dealt with in this community?
Looking at some of the issues…

They are:

  • Estuary vs Port Development where we need the highest levels of safety for the dredging protocols
  • The competition for land by the horse community
  • The lack of funding for the arts and recreation communities including safe bike lanes and sidewalks
  • The zoning for professional services and electronic technology and their locations
  • The public works dept., which is under funded, understaffed, and lacking in equipment
  • The debt
  • The taxpayers, property owners and business people who cannot afford the increases in taxation to cover The debt
  • The homeless who see many empty buildings and have no shelter
  • The budget which puts all these issues last and everyone wonders where the money is spent because there is not enough spent on solving these problems
  • I am in the election to have an effective vote on Council to put these issues first on the list of budget priorities.
  • I want to see development that adheres to the highest safety protocols within a Protected Areas Network bylaw.


  • Squamish can develop into a beautiful city in coexistence with this beautiful bountiful sea to sky area.


3) What do you hope to accomplish in your first year as councillor?

I have begun… 

  • The Farmers Market would bring in revenue and people thru the winter to the Adventure Centre. 


  • If mercury levels are safe for a building at Nexon Beach, with an art gallery, theatre and recreation facilities the events could continue there year round.


  • Squamish Arts Council and Recreation groups would manage it.
  • A hotel or hostel, would provide additional revenue and allow for partiers to sleep over safely


  • Safe bike lanes for all of Squamish to travel to Nexon Beach events.
  • The evening of the Squamish Equinox Rock Festival there was a migration of people of all ages walking south to Nexon Beach. 


  • No dredging plans when measured with the Dredging Protocols of Sensitive Criteria.
  • A Protected Areas Network bylaw.


  • Nexon Beach should remain a beach.


  • More recreation programs will be filled with bus service to Brennan Park.  More churches filled with buses on Sunday.


  • Meetings on Friday evening when buses are on.
  • Saturdays and holiday buses will keep down road accidents.


  • The business park welcomes professionals with zoning and the clustered buildings for electronic technologies. 
  • Co-ed Vocational Training on the undivided BC Rail Yards with a movie studio for productions on our restored Squamish Estuary.











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