S.O.R.C.A meeting notes

A study by District of Squamish on Mtn Biking states that it brings in $9 million annually.
Trail maintenance costs are contributed to by the DOS and the Squamish Trails Society.
the District paying less.
My comment is that the Trail Maintenance should be given top priority from District budget
funds because with climate change we have to encourage people out of their cars and onto their feet and
2 other topics:
The Environmental co-ordinators position is vacant, does it have value and should someone be hired for it?
Development leads to environmental impacts.  How can this be balanced between recreation and conservation.
My comment:  The Environmental co-ordinators have been of extreme value and are responsible for the returned waterflows
into the estuary.  I hope the District of Squamish will hire another one soon.
As to the balance between recreation and conservation: 
my comment is that I am opposed to dredging the Mamquam for boating
I am opposed to hunting in the estuary which is a few blocks from residences.  It would be the same as allowing hunting
in Stanley Park and no one is going to allow that. 
I would promote trails for hiking and biking. 
I am in favor of recreation as long as it is not fatally harmful to an area or involves illegalities. 
The problem with the hunting was that there was so much shooting outside the permit area and the permitted hunting times.  
The spurline to the Squamish terminals was full of shell casings.
Concluding I had to thank the members of the recreation groups for organizing the meeting and so many of the public
for attending.  (it has been a first for Squamsh to have so many meetings with groups)
I share the S.O.R.C.A. concerns for Trails and the costs of Trail Maintenance.  Their website shows the number of trails
closed and warnings of blasting, etc. 
Unlike other industries Recreation benefits Body Mind and Soul. 
Opposition to this Benefit form Recreation is High Density Housing and Highway Construction.
My solution to 1 problem is to close the entrance at the north end of the "Business jPark" to allow pedestrians to proceed unimpeded.
Climate change not the Olympics must be the guiding force that governs development.
The fear that Squamish will be a bedroom community doesn’t have to be a reality…
time was up…  …  when there are non-polluting industries such as recreation…  squamsh does not have to fear being a bedroom community. 
the Squamish Arts community and the fibre optic communities and the film industry are all contributing to Squamish with milliions of dollars
without polluting.
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