Learned so much today! 
Speaking at the meeting with a dozen other candidates was a lesson in listening…
I was getting impatient because as usual the questions were for the "incumbents"
those who served on Council last term and are there to be elected again…
promises promises
anon a yawn
I do believe those from the present council who are in this election are sincere and glad of another
chance to promise more now they have a deeper understanding of the problems…
ho hum…  couldn’t they get to it in the last 3 years? 
It seemed to me to be a lot of talk about how there is not enough money in the budget so they don’t know what to do…
This council is leading this bankrupt town into a debt of 10’s of millions of dollars and ruining an estuary that would save the town and feed the planet… 
The Fishermens’ Union needs to have a talk with Squamish Council and moor their boats at Watts Point while they’re talkin…
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