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Oct. 15  This is what is expected of me and what I am doing:


I will have to review my responses here as I am educating myself on the website and on public / private partnerships from C.U.P.E.


The potential use of public-private partnerships (P3s) in the provision of services and infrastructure at the local level represents one such issue and challenge.

In 2006, the Premier of British Columbia announced that all new infrastructure projects over $20 million that required provincial funding would have to be evaluated as potential P3s. Similarly, in the 2007 budget the federal government announced new provisions to support the development of a P3 market in Canada.


Only 17% of the Canadian private work force is unionized.  There are workers in Canada especially farmworkers who have no employment standards protection.  No wage protection, no overtime pay, working 7 day weeks to barely subsist because of the rising cost of living.


I am learning about the gag law and the illegality of Primier Gordon Campbell tearing up the collective agreements.  Learning that a tree cut down in BC must stay in BC until it is processed to re-employ 3500 jobsworkers.  This, so that Canada is not re-importing wood products from China and India where our Pulp Mill parts ended up, where there are no employment standards.  I am learning that the private sector should not be inspecting their own repairs on vehicles for example because theirs is a vested interest.  When vehicles are inspected by the company owning the vehicle, 17 farmworkers can be turning a profit for their employer while being forced to travel to work in a vehicle without enough seats or seatbelts, for starters…  I can’t imagine the horror of riding in a work van with a hole in the floor…


That’s why we need to have Employment Standards,


The rich are richer and the poor are poorer…  the instituitions are closed and the patients are on the streets with their children…  the communities have few facilities and cannot house all the patients discharged…  nor care for the aging… 


So I need to continue to educate myself today and inspect my superficial views on the questions posed to me by the C.U.P.E. members.




Barrett, the former NDP leader and B.C. premier, got the conference off to a rousing start with a passionate speech about the importance of the union’s political action work during neoconservative regimes.

“We have the best tradition of trade unions in this province,” he said, praising CUPE BC for its recent provincial tour promoting local investment and alternatives to public-private partnerships. “It’s good that your union is talking with people, because it’s a bloody disgrace what’s going on out there.”

Barrett said that political action efforts are all the more important given the BC Liberals’ abandonment of single mothers, the elderly, and young people who end up on the streets.

Dave Barrett speaking.



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